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Arts Marketing Tip of the Week

How to market your art locally

5 ways to find value
in your community

By Steff Metal

Reaching a wide audience is important, but locals can generate a lot of love and loyalty and joining an arts community will deliver much-needed support and opportunities you may otherwise miss.

Holding exhibits at smaller galleries can get you more individual attention. And organizing mini exhibits at local gathering places like cafes, bars or credit unions will get your work seen in unexpected places. Reaching out to local businesses can help you network, build name recognition or even get your art on their walls or websites. Another must-do is to craft a press kit that makes it easier for local media to cover you and your events.

"People love to support local artists, and there are many opportunities open to you within your hometown that can support a part- or full-time artist. Here are some ideas on how to market your artwork in your local community."

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