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Broward County > Office of Management and Budget > Your Tax Dollars At Work-A Day In Broward

As a regional service provider, Broward County provides an array of services and programs to its 1.7 million residents. Whether you live in one of Broward County's 31 municipalities or reside in one of the County's unincorporated neighborhoods, the services provided by the nine-member Board of County Commissioners touch your life in some way. On any given day, Broward County agencies are working to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. We strive to provide excellent service to residents every day - "Our Best. Nothing Less."

A Day at Animal Care & Adoption  

  • Two girls with dog367 animals are sheltered and cared for at two County-run shelters
  • 414 animal licenses are issued
  • Officers respond to an average of 72 calls for assistance with animal concerns
  • 5–6 animals are sent to rescue organizations
  • 13-14 animals are sterilized (spayed/neutered)
  • 4-5 animals are claimed by owners
  • 78 citizens visit the adoption centers
  • 13-14 animals are adopted daily 

A Day at Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC)  


  • lady27 people requested services
  • 8 complete assessments
  • 3 part 2 assessments (detox)
  • 8 new clients admitted, 3 detox clients ready to begin treatment


  • 17  clients triaged
  • 8 clients admitted
  • 0 clients referred to Admissions
  • 3 pregnancy tests administered
  • 7 breathalyzers administered
  • 5 clients put on the call back list
  • 1 client sent outside referral
  • 1 client sent out 911


  • man in therapy34 clients receiving detoxification services
  • 3 clients completed biopsychosocial assessment services
  • 23 clients received Discharge Planning Sessions
  • 16 clients received psycho-educational group services (Tobacco Cessation group)


  • 70 clients attend group therapy with their respective counselors
  • 70 clients attend 2 separate psycho-educational groups 
  • 2 pregnant women and 9 women with young children receive residential treatment services
  • 8 clients receive individual therapy sessions
  • 1 client receives a bio-psychosocial evaluation
  • 4 clients are admitted for treatment
  • 2 clients receive Discharge Planning Sessions
  • 5 clients develop their comprehensive treatment plans with their counselor
  • 4 clients receive orientation to the program and facility
  • 3 clients receive financial assessments
  • 2 clients went out of the building temporarily to attend court or legal proceedings
  • 9 clients receive ancillary services
  • 1 client successfully completed residential treatment


Outpatient Services-BARC Mills Center

  • doctor and nurse54 clients attended group therapy
  • 6 clients attended individual sessions
  • 4 clients admitted to Outpatient
  • 25 drug screens  were completed

BARC-Non-Residential Day Treatment

  • 45 clients attended group therapy
  • 4 clients attended individual sessions
  • 6 clients admitted to Non Residential Day Treatment Services
  • 25 urine drug screens were completed 

Nutritional Services:

  • 340 meals and snacks served for detoxification and residential clients
  • 8 Clients seen for individualized Nutrition Assessment, Evaluation and Counseling
  • 2 Clients seen for Nutrition Follow Up visit

Medical Records (All Units):

  • 92 records processed
  • 2 request for subpoenas/records/court orders processed
  • 108 loose papers filed (i.e. client progress notes, treatment plans, bio-psychosocial (clinical) assessments, etc.)        

A Day at Community Partnerships 

Childcare Licensing & Enforcement Section

  • children112 people are background screened, which is required for employment in child care facilities/homes
  • 48 child care facilities and family child care homes are inspected for compliance with child care licensing standards and regulations.
  • 14 licenses for child care facilities and family child care homes are issued or renewed.
  • 34 persons receive customer service/technical assistance

Children’s Services Section

  • healthcare professionalsMore than 100 children are provided behavioral health and special needs services through contractual arrangements with social service provider agencies.
  • 1,261 children from low-income families receive subsidized child care services that provide a structured and safe environment to promote adaptive development.
  • 307 children homeless families receive supportive child care as they transition to self-sufficiency.
  • 22 non-profit social service providers and 43 service programs receive technical assistance to ensure they are providing quality and accountable services.

Health Care Services Section

  • serving homeless food42 people receive community mental health services and
  • 329 receive mental health outreach services
  • 5 clients were served by the County funded mental health mobile crisis team avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations
  • 219 people receive medical services and treatment through the primary care clinics
  • 27 people use our prescription drug discount for an average price savings of $12.90 over retail price
  • 491 clients receive HIV/AIDS services 

Homeless Initiative Partnerships (HIP) Section

On any given day through homeless planning, grants/contracts and coordination activities facilitated via the HIP Section, an estimated 3,100 persons (individuals and families) experiencing homelessness are provided emergency shelter, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing and/or are provided one or more of the following series either directly or through contracted services: information and referral outreach, shelter, case management, family reunification, life skills, training, substance abuse treatment and case management, domestic violence crisis shelter and services, medical care and respite, housing placement, job skills training, mental health counseling and other supportive services. An ever increasing percentage of these services are documented in the Homeless Management Information System (currently estimated to approximately 65%) therefore allowing for more effective coordination of services to homeless individuals and families.

Nancy J. Cotterman Center (NJCC)

  • teddy bear814 telephone calls related to child abuse/sexual assault services answered at the Nancy J. Cotterman Sexual Assault Treatment Center
  • 27 children receive initial face-to-face Child Protection Team services
  • 45 counseling sessions provided to victims of sexual assault
  • 27 crisis intervention services provided to victims of sexual or physical abuse
  • 4 RAPE hotline calls are conducted with sexual assault victims
  • 4 (four) Community presentations on physical or sexual abuse prevention to 100 Broward County residents.
  • 7 Medical evaluations to victims of physical or sexual abuse
  • 9 Forensic Interviews at the request of community multidisciplinary team.

Training and Technical Assistance Partnership Program

  • 15 local non-profit/faith based agencies receive training to build their capacity as an organization
  • 2 local non-profit/faith-based agencies receive one-on-one technical assistance for targeted assistance
  • 5 local non-profit/faith-based agencies receive specific researched funding opportunities
  • 1 local non-profit/faith-based agency receives technical assistance in writing funding proposals   

A Day at the Convention & Visitors Bureau  

  • Convention Center32,900 daily visitors in Broward County 
  • 24,280 hotel rooms occupied nightly
  • 26.7 million daily visitor expenditures
  • 141.647 employees in Broward's hospitality industry


A Day of Culture   

  • public art More than 250 cultural events are presented every day in Broward County
  • Cultural Division’s website receives more than 2,850 page views per day
  • Volunteers provide 25 hours of service to the Broward Cultural Division valued at $553.50 savings to the County
  • More than 575 nonprofit cultural organizations provide arts and cultural services to Broward County residents and tourists.
  • More than 244 public artworks can be viewed in more than 95 locations enhancing the Broward community’s sense of place and public spaces.
  • More than 96 artists and arts organizations who are recipients of Broward Cultural Division’s incentive funding are utilizing these funds to improve their exhibits, performances and facilities.
  • More than 6,400 arts and cultural employees are working daily, paying their taxes and spending their money which contributes to the $230M economic impact of Broward’s nonprofit arts and culture industry.
  • An arts and cultural visitor spends an average of $34.60 while a resident spends an average of $21.63 showing the effect of the Division’s daily efforts of building arts and culture into an economic resource.
  • The Cooperative Marketing Program helps more than 90 participants to stretch their advertising budgets by creating, designing and placing their advertisements. 

A Day at the Office of Economic and Small Business Development

  • two business peopleFacilitate the retention of 13 existing jobs at a cost of $236 per job resulting in a minimum annual wage of $48,690 per job, for a direct economic impact of $632,970 and an indirect economic impact of $1,189,984.
  • Facilitate nearly one new value-added job at a cost of approximately $3,326 per job resulting in a minimum annual wage of $48,690 per job, for a direct economic impact of $43,821 and an indirect economic impact of $82,383.
  • Facilitate the addition of $313,646 in new capital investment to the local economy
  • New tax revenue generated to local governing bodies totaled $6,586.
  • Process four certification applications for Broward County’s small business programs that represent the current pool of eligible small business firms. Broward County government awards a total of $300,402 per day to certified firms.
  • Participate in five compliance efforts to ensure County, contractors and certified small businesses maintain compliance with applicable laws, regulations and procedures. These efforts have resulted in a small business participation of thirty-five percent of the total procurement by Broward County.
  • Conduct two goal setting reviews daily resulting in 16 percent of the reviewed project having small business assigned participation.
  • Conduct three agency small business workshops or conferences or events per week, often resulting in one per day during a given time period. 

A Day at Elderly & Veterans Services   

  • elderly man and woman1,652 elders are provided with case management, in-home and community-based care
  • 196 elders are provided with mental health and substance abuse case management and support services
  • 160 veterans and/or their dependents are assisted
  • 131 elders are provided with consumer-directed care, housing assistance and intake services
  • 227 callers are provided with customer service and intake

 A Day at Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting  

  • people getting into a taxi182 residents served at various service counters
  • 2 - 3 complaints received and investigated against licensed/unlicensed contractors
  • 2-3 citations issued to licensed/unlicensed contractors
  • 18 -19 permits issued for new or remodeled construction
  • 75 elevator inspections performed
  • 98 building plan reviews performed
  • 152 building inspections conducted
  • 11 Auto Repair or Auto Body shop inspections conducted
  • 88 taxicabs and limousines inspected
  • 55 applications for permits, licenses and registrations are processed
  • 4 - 5 written complaints from consumers received and processed
  • 237 phone calls to/from the public are logged
  • 29 consumer complaint files worked on
  • 3 email inquiries from the public answered  

A Day at Environmental Protection Programs  

  • butterfly4 environmental complaints are answered
  • 39 environmental compliance inspections are performed
  • 19 sites are sampled to monitor environmental quality
  • 7 environmental violations are cited
  • 22 environmental licenses/permits issued or renewed
  • 1,029,718 gallons of water are saved through conservation initiatives
  • 1 new landscape achieves NatureScape certification
  • 197 individuals learn about water resource protection, conservation and management in Broward County   

A Day at Family Success   

  • family291 customers provided with information and referral for community services
  • 167 customers provided orientation, life skills, case management and emergency assistance services at the five Family Success Centers
  • 217 customer applications received for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

A Day at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport* 

  • jet627 commercial flights arrive/depart
  • 99 private plane flights arrive/depart
  • 100,000 tons of airfreight and mail pass through facility
  • 14,500 workers making the airport run
  • 23,766 airport restaurant meals served
  • 6,999  cups of coffee sold
  • 3,486 fountain beverages served
  • 580,000 gallons of jet fuel consumed
  • 7,000-8,500 cars in parking facilities (holiday peaks of 15,000)
  • 2,500+ runway and taxiway lights illuminated
  • Broward County Aviation Department shuttle buses transport approximately 15,000 people to the Rental Car Center and remote parking areas
  • 1,500-1,700 taxi cabs pick up fares with peaks of 2,000 a day
  • During the cruise season the FLL  handles 175-200 charter buses during a 4 hour period
  • Over 3,000 commercial vehicles serve FLL a day

*Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is a self-supporting enterprise agency, not funded by property tax dollars. 

A Day at Highway and Bridge Maintenance   

  • bridge maintnenace100 square yards of sidewalk repaired or replaced
  • 200 square yards of asphalt placed 
  • 30 lane miles of streets swept
  • 20 cubic yards of trash cleared
  • 34 catch basins inspected
  • 13 storm drains cleaned 
  • 15 trees trimmed
  • 98 drawbridge openings and closings
  • 34 mosquito inspections-surveillance traps set 
  • 1,503 acres treated by Mosquito Control Section for ground larviciding and adulticiding

A Day at Highway Construction and Engineering  

  • highway construction1,500 feet of roadway and drainage engineering plans reviewed for roadway construction projects permitted in County jurisdiction right-of-way
  • 2 permits issued for developer and private construction in County right-of-way
  • 6 inspections of permitted construction projects in County jurisdiction right-of-way
  • 80 miles or more of County jurisdictional roadways patrolled for violations of County Minimum Standards for construction
  • 3 field land surveys in ongoing development for roadway, drainage, ADA, bus shelters and other County improvements
  • 3 land survey maps in ongoing preparation depicting the results of field surveys completed
  • $140,000 worth of developer required roadway improvements reviewed
  • 480 square feet of right-of-way dedicated as a result of plat review
  • 68 square feet of right-of-way dedicated as a result of paving and drainage plan review
  • $11,000 worth of trafficway improvements scheduled as a result of plat review requirements
  • 45 traffic control infrastructure improvement projects including traffic signal mast arms, school flashers, traffic signals and video vehicle detection improvements managed.
  • 3 roadway Capital Improvement construction projects managed and inspected
  • 5 roadway Capital Improvement design projects managed
  • 26 park enhancement design and construction projects managed.
  • 20 GIS data layers managed   

A Day at Housing Finance & Community Development   

  • house5 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) intake screenings conducted
  • 15 CDBG construction projects coordinated
  • 7 HOME inspections performed
  • 3 vendor pay requests processed
  • 30 incoming calls to assist clients
  • 4 incoming calls for foreclosure assistance
  • 2 general information calls on the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
  • 16 general information calls on the Purchase Assistance Program
  • 2 homeless housing assistance referrals
  • 1 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) referrals
  • 4 calls with developers coordinating and discussing status of NSP projects
  • 1 NSP developer work authorization and developer invoice processed
  • 8 other housing related calls
  • 1 Monitoring site visit or monitoring report being prepared for a project by a recipient of Federal Grant funds. 

A Day at Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards

Human Rights

  • business people in suits4-6 customers from the public assisted with complaints of discrimination
  • 1-2 investigative cases closed
  • 2-3 charges/complaints filed
  • 8-10 status inquiries received
  • 15-20 telephone calls received  

Professional Standards Section

  • 5-6 information and referral/inquiries received and routed from employees, vendors, contractors and sometimes even the public
  • 7-8 internal technical assistance requests responded to and processed, including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and related training requests\
  • 1-2 Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance field reviews
  • 20-25 active internal investigations for Professional Standards, ADA, HIPAA and Equal Opportunity
  • 2-3 inquiries and complaints related to the wage recovery ordinance 

A Day at Libraries   

  • main library337,258 people utilize a library
  • 35327 items are checked out
  • 1,190 people attend a library program
  • 8,104 use a library computer
  • 4,794 reference questions are answered
  • 24,541 electronic visitors to library websites   

A Day at the Medical Examiner's Office   

  • 15 investigations of deaths reported to the Medical Examiner's Office
  • 9 investigations of questionable requests for cremation
  • 25 cremation permits issued
  • 5-8 autopsies/external examinations completed
  • 188 toxicology tests completed   

A Day at Parks & Recreation*  

  • lady on horse21,665 people visit nearly 50 regional parks and nature centers, neighborhood parks, and natural areas
  • 2,500 players and spectators participate at athletic games
  • 1,500 people walk, jog, and bike on trails
  • 750 employees, nearly 350 of which are student and seasonal employees, report to work at Broward County parks
  • 601 tourists and residents take airboat rides and watch alligator shows at Everglades Holiday Park
  • 600 children are served through the After-School and Summer Recreation programs offered at our neighborhood parks
  • 450 tennis players use our tennis courts and racquet centers
  • 369 people receive educational instruction from Extension Education
  • 275 people stay overnight at one of our five campgrounds
  • 230 people use the Markham Park Target Range on weekdays and up to 425 on weekends
  • 200 dogs come to Barkham at Markham Park on weekdays and up to 400 visit on weekends
  • 200 mountain bikers use the mountain bike trials on weekdays and 1,000 on weekends
  • 200 people fish
  • 200 volunteers work on projects at our parks, especially on the weekends
  • 140 people are waited on by a Master Gardener in response to an e-mail or phone question about landscape or structural pests
  • 100 adults and children receive environmental education through naturalist-led programming
  • 82 children receive water-safety instruction through SWIM Central
  • 75 people use the model airplane field on weekdays and 150 people on the weekend
  • 71 youths gain leadership, citizenship, and life skills through hands-on teaching methods from 4-H
  • 58 disc golf players use one of three courses on weekdays and 100 players on weekends
  • 50 people play basketball
  • 40 people ride on a BMX Bike Night
  • 30 people take guided horseback rides on weekends
  • 30 teams play in softball leagues
  • 15 individuals participate in a Special Populations program
  • 11 walk-in clients ask for plant and specimen analysis at Extension Education
  • Eight teams play in football leagues
  • Four couples get married amid nature each weekend
  • Four Family Nutrition Program staff members are working to educate qualifying low-income, food stamp-eligible audiences of all ages on basic nutrition and food-safety principles
  • One adult volunteer is educated on youth development principles through 4-H
  • Seven hours are spent by staff and volunteers removing invasive exotic plants from natural areas 

*Based on daily averages

A Day at Planning and Redevelopment   

  • LEED buildingAbout 19 sets of development project construction plans reviewed for compliance with Broward County's environmental regulations
  • More than $63,700 collected from development applicants to help fund the cost of infrastructure and amenities for Broward County residents

A Day at Port Everglades*

  • cruise shipAn average 11,700 South Floridians work daily at jobs at the Port, which then contributes to an additional 16,000 indirect and induced jobs in the surrounding area in South Florida
  • On average 2 petroleum tanker ships visit the Port 
  • 1,250 petroleum trucks arrive/depart the Port 
  • 12.6 million gallons of petroleum move through the Port
  • 10,800 cruise passengers per day move through the Port (numbers increase on weekends and seasonally) — a record 53,365 guests travelled through Port Everglades on March 20, 2010, the world record for a single day
  • 5 container ships arrive/depart the Port 
  • 16,300 tons of general cargo are hauled 
  • 10,432 feet of dock space is the average length needed by ships from all categories  

*Port Everglades is a self-supporting enterprise agency, not funded by property tax dollars.
A Day at Records, Taxes and Treasury  

  • calculator1,121 current tax bills validated
  • $7,390,240 in tax revenues collected
  • 205 business tax receipts renewed and/or issued
  • 125 delinquent property tax payments processed
  • 53 telephone inquiries answered regarding current property taxes
  • 342 pieces of incoming mail processed
  • 22 customer correspondence letters generated
  • 30 telephone inquiries answered pertaining to tax deeds and certificates
  • 73 County bank accounts reconciled each month
  • 2,022 online vehicle/vessel registrations renewed
  • $29,235 collected in auto tag/title County fees
  • 385 telephone inquiries answered pertaining to auto tags and titles
  • 9,260 auto tag/title related transactions processed
  • 335 auto tag fast titles issued
  • 200 tax refunds processed each week
  • $184,151 collected in tourist development taxes
  • $49,000 interest earned on county investment portfolio
  • 70 personal property tax payments processed
  • 28 phone inquiries for delinquent personal property taxes
  • $26,070 in delinquent personal property taxes collected
  • 9,234 checks signed and issued each month
  • $48,494 municipal portfolio service fees earned in fiscal year 2012
  • $208,893,585 in debt service payments processed in fiscal year 2012
  • 3249 documents were recorded in the Official Records
  • 1572 documents are eRecorded in the Official Records
  • 12,647 pages scanned daily into the Official Records
  • $29,424 collected in Recording Fees
  • $226 collected in Copy fees provided by Recording Office
  • $1,366 collected in Copy fees provided by Search and Copy Section
  • $688,963 collected in documentary stamp taxes
  • $2,565 checks submitted to the State for Passport Applications
  • $523 collected in Passport service fees for Broward County
  • 25 telephone calls related to the Recording Section
  • 30 telephone calls related to the Search and Copy Section   

A Day at Solid Waste and Recycling Services   

  • recyling cartoon7 pounds of garbage created by each Broward County resident
  • 3 million pounds of material recycled
  • 9 million pounds of garbage incinerated by two waste-to-energy plants
  • 2,400 MWH of electricity generated by incinerated garbage provides power to approximately 75,000 homes each day
  • 1.25 million pounds of ash from incinerated garbage is landfilled
  • 319 acres of wetlands maintained as a natural water filtration system to serve as a home to wild birds, animals and fish 
  • 3,370 pounds of material recycled from Broward County government buildings
  • 800 pounds of electronics collected for recycling
  • 750 pounds of household hazardous waste removed from the waste stream  

A Day at Traffic Engineering  

  • truck fixing traffic lights36 traffic signals inspected or repaired
  • 5.8 million traffic signal phase changes are processed at 1,457 intersections to ensure smooth and safe traffic operations
  • 44 traffic signs installed or repaired
  • 978 school flashers activated each school day
  • 50 traffic signs are fabricated
  • 650 raised pavement markers installed
  • 10,840 feet of striping installed on County and City roads   
  • 13 traffic studies or investigations completed
  • 130 requests received from contractors to locate underground traffic network utilities

A Day at Transportation 

Fleet Services

  • 4,031 gallons of fuel dispensed
  • 34,943 miles driven in County cars

Broward County Transit 

  • Breeze busServicing a 410 square mile area, Broward County Transit (BCT) provides fixed route, community bus and paratransit services. On an average day:
  • 493 vehicles in service at peak – Weekday 260, Saturday 130, Sunday 103
  • 6,603 hours of service - Weekday 3,314 hours, Saturday 2,058 hours, Sunday 1,231
  • 90,401 miles travelled – Weekday 46,146 miles, Saturday 27,661 miles, Sunday 16,594 miles
  • 5,160 passenger trips – Weekday 2,606 trips, Saturday 1,610 trips, Sunday 944 trips
  • 12,558 registered paratransit clients
  • 1,956 calls answered by Customer Call Center 

A Day at Water and Wastewater Services  

  • wastewater20 million gallons of water treated daily
  • 6 million gallons of water purchased daily
  • 24 million gallons of water sold daily
  • 62 million gallons of wastewater treated daily
  • 5 million gallons of wastewater beneficially reused daily
  • 273 preventative maintenance work orders completed
  • 58 repairs completed
  • 114 laboratory samples collected and analyzed
  • 41 septage truck loads received
  • 24 million gallons of water recharged into northern Broward County groundwater
  • 500 customer phone calls answered
  • 305 customer visits
  • 2,430 payments processed
  • 2,900 water meters read
  • 2,900 retail bills mailed
  • 35 customer accounts opened or closed
  • 290 service work orders completed   

Updated April 2014 




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