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Broward County EasyPay
Welcome to Broward County easyPay!

easyPay is Broward County’s payroll system of the future! easyPay brings the many systems and processes that result in a Broward County employee’s paycheck under one umbrella, and offers an easy way to communicate changes about them.

In the News

easyPay’s Learning Center is the Source for easyPay Learning

Matt Constantine, ETS, leads easyPay instruction for Human Services supervisors.

Matt Constantine, ETS, leads easyPay instruction for Human Services supervisors.

Everything easyPay is at your fingertips on the website’s Learning Center page. Employees in easyPay Phases 1, 2 and 3 can view the Foundations tutorial, enroll in classes, watch time and attendance demos, explore user guides and more! Over the past several months, members of the Training Team have spent hundreds of hours focusing exclusively on developing print materials and resources so that easyPay is easy to understand and implement. Kudos to the Training Team and Technical Team for their outstanding work easing our transition to easyPay.

Time Clock Registration Almost Complete for Phase 3 Agencies

Lisa Banks and Terry Martin

Lisa Banks, supervisor, Public Works Department registers security officer Terry Martin at the time clock.

The light is green! Hourly employees in easyPay’s Phase 3 agencies have almost completed time clock registration in preparation for easyPay’s July 20 introduction. Designated employees in Human Services, Public Works, Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Convention Center and the Office of Economic and Small Business Development are currently registering their co-workers and making sure that they are comfortable using the time clock. The one-on-one process provides an opportunity for each employee to address any time clock questions they may have. While time clock registration is underway, so are the Learning courses offered in the Learning Center. Foundations online training for all Phase 3 employees is available NOW through July 18, while instructor led Supervisor and Payroll Liaison training classes have specific dates and times.

County’s Time and Attendance System Gets a Makeover

The old clock and paper time cards.

The old clock and paper time cards.

On Monday, April 13, easyPay enjoyed a successful introduction at Aviation, ETS, FASD Administration, County Administration and Payroll Central. Over the past several weeks supervisors, payroll liaisons and employees have been learning all there is to know about easyPay paving the way for a smooth transition. For the next several pay periods, or until notified otherwise, employees will continue to turn in paper time sheets and leave slips in tandem along with implementing the new easyPay time and attendance system. To appreciate the transition from the old attendance system to the new, check out the before and after pictures taken at Aviation’s Maintenance Facility on the east side.

The new easyPay Time Clock


 The new easyPay Time Clock.


 A Word From Our Employees    Featured Video

Carriann Horsted.jpgCarriann Horstead
Detox Administrative Aide, BARC 
easyPay  will make everyone’s life so much easier. Especially at BARC, we have odd shifts, odd hours, longer shifts, working all hours of the day and night. More…

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A fun, celebratory video recognizing the First Anniversary of ERP with a focus on easyPay. The video highlights major easyPay achievements and features several team members.

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