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Seal of Sustainability
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Broward County is committed to taking action to being a good steward of the environment. County Programs that bear the coveted Seal of Sustainability meet the triple bottom line of sustainability: Environment, Economy and Community.



Community Projects

The Voluntary Residential Sound Insulation Program

The Voluntary Residential Sound Insulation Program offers all eligible residential properties and adjacent areas affected by the South Runway Expansion acoustical treatments designed to reduce aircraft noise to a home and meet the criteria of the Florida Power and Light Home Energy Program thus reducing residents' energy bills significantly. To date 121 homes have received home energy surveys, insulation, window replacements including tinted glass, and efficient air conditioning unit upgrades generating rebates of up to $130,000. There are approximately 1,706 single-family and multi-family residences that would be eligible for this program.

Conservation Pay$

The ConservationPay$ program provides an economic, environmental and community benefit through a partnership with 19 local governments and water utilities, setting a goal to save 30 million gallons of water a day in Broward County. The partnership offers a $100 rebate to offset the full purchase price of the high-efficiency toilets in residential homes and businesses. This Go Green initiative saves water, saves the property owner money now and on future water bills and postpones the need to build additional water and wastewater treatment plants in order to meet future demands. More…

Greenways Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

The New River/State Road 84 and C-14/Cypress Creek Greenways are collaboration among Broward’s Water and Wastewater Division, Cultural Division and three cities to develop bike/pedestrian pathways that create connected communities. Some funding was directed to three artists who designed sustainable amenities such as 21-seat, shade canopy and bike rack units, four ceramic traffic calming devices, 22 recycled wood trash receptacles, and 22 ceramic mile markers. When possible, recycled plastic lumber (4,950 board feet) will be used to ensure longevity, low maintenance costs and an environmentally-friendly construction solution. The Greenways project decreases automobile traffic, encourages healthy modes of travel and increases usages and enjoyment of the parks.

County Government Projects

Government Operations Work Group    

The Broward County Climate Change Government Operations Progress Report is Another Go Green Project. The report highlights more than 50 greenhouse gas reduction measures implemented by County agencies in FY2012. These operational improvements and efficiencies resulted in approximately $13 million in energy and fuel savings to the County and its residents. More than 25 percent of the transit buses are hybrid electric. The Broward Convention Center is a carbon neutral facility. The airport uses solar flashers and webcams and the Port is saving more than 40 percent in high mast lighting electricity use. Broward County leads by example, showing the community the importance of green practices and sustainable living.

Label Light Switches at Government Center West 

Government Center West (GCW) uses an average of 282,000 kilowatts of electricity per month costing more than $256,000 annually. As part of a pilot project, the County has labeled all light switches with the reminder “Turn it Off” in an effort to quantify how much energy can be saved. This reminder is sure to change the culture of the 655 GCW employees and more than 4,500 monthly customers showing how simple it is to save energy, tax dollars and the environment. It also conveys to the public Broward’s commitment to efficient and sustainable government operations. 

Government Center West Green Showcase 

Broward County is taking action to optimize the efficiency of its Government Center West (GCW) by making it a Green Showcase. The project will use retrofits to reduce the building’s carbon footprint while educating employees and customers on green initiatives. By removing one of the three light bulbs from each of the building’s 1,807 light fixtures, the County can save on annual energy use (210,479 kwh) and costs ($23,995) without dramatically impacting employees or customers. The County will actively work with community partners who can contribute products for energy efficiency, energy generation (solar), water conservation and waste reduction. More…


easyPay automates Broward County payroll resulting in a more sustainable process. easyPay annually eliminates 156,000 printed paystubs and 20,800 paychecks with an annual savings in paper and printing of more than $15,500. The program reduces the County’s fuel use and saves staff time by eliminating pick up and distribution of paper records. Direct deposit and pay card save the employees’ personal time and fuel by reducing the need to go to the bank. Employees also now have secure access to payroll information online. The community benefits from the new Time & Attendance software through improved compliance with the County’s diverse pay rules and accurate disbursement of taxpayers’ dollars for payroll.

Construction Projects

New Courthouse Construction

The new Broward County Courthouse will feature improved indoor air quality with 77 courtrooms, an improved flow of visitors and courthouse agency employees, and improved security screening areas meeting the community’s requirement for an efficient, safe and secure hall of justice. It will meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards resulting in a 21 percent reduction of electrical use and 42 percent reduction of water use over conventional buildings and will cost less to operate over time. More than 75 percent of the demolition and construction waste will be recycled.  The courthouse will employ green pest management and green indoor cleaning programs.

Expansion of Runway

The Expansion of Runway 10R/28L f/k/a 9R/27L to 8,000 feet supports the Board's Goal to "increase the economic strength and impact of Port Everglades, the Broward County Convention Center and the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) in a sustainable manner balancing economy, environment and community.” Sustainable efforts include relocating of 1,359 mature canopy trees; recycling rather than landfilling 53,449 cubic yards of existing asphalt pavement, and incorporating 1129 LED lights for general, taxiway and runway lighting saving $8,724 and 179,797 Kwh/per year. The new runway will increase runway capacity, reduce take off wait times saving fuel and improve passenger experience.

Water Conservation Projects

NatureScape Irrigation Service

The NatureScape Irrigation Service meets the criteria of the Seal of Sustainability through a partnership of 18 municipal water entities, Broward’s County’s Water and Wastewater Services, and the School Board of Broward County. The program is attaining a 20 percent reduction in water consumption associated with landscape irrigation through system evaluations and implementation of Best Management Practices. Since the program’s inception in 2005, the water savings of the large users (Homeowner Associations, parks, commercial/industrial properties) has reached over 1 billion gallons and has been accompanied by lower operational costs. The community benefits from the partnership through improved water quality and a more sustainable landscape.

Air Quality Projects

Smoking Vehicle Program 

About 27 percent of Florida’s greenhouse gases come from passenger cars and light duty trucks. Vehicles with visible tailpipe emissions contribute 20 to 30 percent of the soot and particles in the air. Through the County’s Smoking Vehicle Program, which encourages the reporting of smoking vehicles observed on Broward County roadways, the public helps reduce air pollution which can cause respiratory irritation and trigger asthma attacks in sensitive individuals. By requiring repairs of vehicle’s exhaust system, the program ensures better air quality, fewer health impacts, reduced health care costs and environmentally-friendly vehicles that burn less fuel. More…