Southeast 3rd Avenue Bridge Gets New Paint and a New Look!

Broward County Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division is supervising the repainting of the Southeast 3rd Avenue Drawbridge. The work began on March 31, 2014 and is on track to complete on July 3, 2014.

As the total surface area for the concrete portion of the bridge is approximately 70,000 square feet and the metal portions are about 30,000 square feet, the project will take approximately 1,400 gallons of paint. The concrete portions were pressure cleaned and coated using sprayers and rollers, with a scissor lift and a boom lift to reach the high areas. The metal portion will require a barge with the boom lift on it to reach all the areas underneath the bridge decking. The metal areas will be pressure cleaned, all rusted areas removed manually before applying the coating.

The new color, Prairie Green, was chosen by the City of Fort Lauderdale.