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Concrete Restoration
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Efforts are underway to make Broward County a more pedestrian friendly place. This involves adding more sidewalks and keeping sidewalks in good condition.

Broward County Highway and Bridge Maintenance is responsible for more than 400 linear miles of sidewalk adjacent to County owned roadways.

men working on curb


Curbs and Ramps

Our ADA program is on track to improve curb ramps all over Broward County, providing for safe and easy use by all of our residents and visitors.


working on sidewalks
Sidewalk Repair

Last year, we repaired 20,500 square yards of sidewalks along Broward County streets. These efforts greatly contribute to making Broward County a pedestrian friendly place.

worker grinding sidewalk

Grind and Epoxy

As an alternative to tearing up sidewalks, in some cases, grinding them will restore them to a safe condition. If they are cracked or chipped, then, the application of epoxy will strengthen them. The Division has two full time crews promoting the Grind & Epoxy Program.