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Vendor and Contract Management
Broward County > Streets > Field Operations > Vendor and Contract Management

contractBroward County Highway and Bridge Maintenance sponsors 25 contracts with 15 different vendors for a contract total of more than $35,778,000. These contracts cover maintenance of highway medians, roadway shoulders and greenways, ready mixed concrete, asphaltic concrete, general roadway and miscellaneous construction, guardrail parts and materials, polyethylene drainage pipe and accessories, aggregates and truck rentals.

The Division also utilizes County contracts sponsored by the Purchasing Division for recurring work or larger projects involving concrete pipes and gasket joints, CCTV repair, installation and maintenance, cleaning, inspecting and repairing of roadway drainage systems, generator service, lot clearing for County owned properties in unincorporated Broward County to name a few.

Vendor purchasing for other commodities and materials is always done according to Broward County Small Business Enterprise guidelines.