Community Update - A monthly Newsletter for Broward County Residents

April 2011

Broward County Animal Care to Conduct Courtesy “Pet Checks”

Broward County Animal Care officers are promoting responsible pet ownership by making courtesy door-to-door visits, within their assigned zones, to educate pet owners about the Broward County Animal Care and Regulation Ordinance. Section 4-10 requires that all dogs and cats (including indoor cats) be vaccinated against rabies every year (or every three years if a three-year vaccine is issued). Section 4-11 requires that all dogs and cats have and wear a Broward County pet license tag. For more information, visit More...


Traffic Engineering Gives Drivers the Green Light

Green means “go” and the going is not only good - it’s getting even better. That’s the word from the Broward County Traffic Engineering Division. During the first phase of the agency’s “Green Lights” program, 480 traffic signals were synchronized on 20 east to west traffic corridors from Hillsboro Boulevard to Miramar Parkway in Broward County. University Drive and U.S. Hwy. 1 have also recently been synchronized. All north-south corridors are expected to be synchronized by the end of 2011. Drivers are already taking notice. For more information, visit and click GREEN LIGHTS PROGRAM. More...


Veterans Services Offers Assistance To Veterans and Their Families

Broward County Elderly and Veterans Services Division has eight state-certified Veterans Services Officers, all themselves veterans, who provide free service and assistance to local veterans and their families. Services include assistance with application for veterans benefits and entitlements, needs assessment for other community support services and programs; and referrals to other county and community organizations that offer resources to help veterans and their families achieve self-sufficiency and enhance quality of life. Last year, officers helped change the lives of more than 700 residents, with more than $4 million in claims submitted and approved. Veterans Services Officers are also available for presentations to homeowner associations and community groups. The process of applying for and receiving veterans benefits can be confusing. For assistance, call 954-357-6622, or visit and click VETERANS SERVICES.


“Know the Flow” Presentation for Homeowners Association

The Broward County Natural Resources Planning and Management Division offers a free, fun and informative presentation to homeowner associations that teaches residents how to save money, save water, and “go green.” The division’s 20-minute “Know the Flow” presentation answers all these questions and more. For more information or to schedule a presentation for your group, contact Asif Ali at 954-519-1222 or email


Extension Education Offers Landscaper Certification

State law now requires certification for landscape